Monday, December 31, 2007

cindy loo takes a tumble, hector goes crazy in the snow, cloud turns into a snowball

Hector was a mad man in the snow. He has nice eyes, like eye shadow. Still, he was out of control this morning when he saw the snow. Then a whole bunch of them plowed into poor Cindy Loo. An accident, still, I never see them roll into a tree. They kind of think an animal can get out of the way. Anyway, she was a little shaken up and felt sorry for herself, but she's fine.

Bailey, Neve, others that people have emailed about: they are in a lot of videos. Go back and look again.

Okay, I will go through the list this afternoon and make a new entry, but for now, I'm off. Just have to get some dog food and biscuits since they'll be closed tomorrow. Oh, and I have a lot more to say, so come back in a bit.

Go to this folder if you can't wait for the video by video list.

1 comment:

gilat said...

Dear Will.
What a drama- the other day,... with Sam taking of.....,it seems
She is becoming independent and we can see she is really enjoying nature....

can't wait to meet Sam on Thursday....