Thursday, December 20, 2007

unexpected snow, Jim drove (nice for me), sugar is the hero, photo day


Hang in there with this video. There are a bunch of dogs coming.

So sugar is the hero for catching rats and mice. 3 so far! I mean, they're all cute and nice but only one, so far, is useful. Nigel seemed a little intimated by a large group... I need to get some nice snow/husky shots since I have two here. Beautiful snow in the morning and I tried to get some nice portraits.

If you see a picture of your dog on the slideshow embedded in this blog entry (above), then you can go the folder here and pick one of the IMG jpegs and you can have it.

A shot of most of the dogs when I praise Sugar for a job well done: Here or here.

So let's do the videos. Gustov pushed the cat in the running stroller. Here or here.

Try again to get the shot. Here or here.

How would you like to be this cat living in a barn with this many dogs? Here or here.

Here is the roll call shot -- almost all dogs in this one. First thing in the morning (sun barely up) when I get to go out and see who's here... since I didn't drive last night. Here or here.

Stop playing with dogs and take Ollie to school bus. Here or here.

Here comes the bus, Ollie has his card for the driver. Here or here.

Driveway. Here or here.

Bella and Norman. Here or here.

Ice. Here or here.

Ice dripping. Here or here.

Molly, Ozzy, Nico Pagoda. Here or here.

Nigel, Cindy Loo, Bailey, Maddox, Buckwheat. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here.

Molly, Scuba, Jackson, Sugar, Edith, Apple Ginger. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here.

Over the fence with most all the dogs. Here or here.

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