Saturday, December 22, 2007

back by (somewhat) popular demand: the dog blog

I had to check. About 25% of the people commented or emailed. Just, I had some broken links up and no one wrote to tell me so I thought, jeeze, if people aren't reading it...

Some technical notes. The videos get blurry. Between the dog noses and the snow, it's hard to keep a clean lens. Oh well. And if you go to the folder (after about 4 pm 12/22/07 EST) you will see file names with MOV or WMV. The quicktime (MOV) files are a little bigger. The windows media format files should work on more computers. I will only link the MOV files here but if your computer won't open quickltime, change the last three letters to WMV. Any other problems, let me know. Thanks.

That's the slide show. Here are some other videos in reverse chronological order.

Here are Maple and Stro. I let them out in the yard with everyone else in the early AM and Maple still wants to play. Stro wants to watch. But then they got cold, even though it's pretty warm today, so they went up to a nice warm room. I didn't take them back out for a longer walk and video ... but here they are.

When it was Django's turn to go out, he kept going the wrong way and generally not getting with the program. Here he is, going the wrong way. I'll make sure he gets in a long walk and some better videos tomorrow.

Bella, Norman in the hay field by the yard. Gustov takes Bella for a walk. Here.

Here are Norman and Bella with Buckwheat.

Luna and Ataturk. Wait, not Ataturk, that was the George Washington of Turkey. Utiok. Sorry... They rumble pretty rough. Another Husky characteristic. An intimate couple. Here.

Bella here. Bella seemed nervous for awhile. Now she's seems quite content... actually much better only today. She also couldn't deal with these icy stairs, that was a production. She's a different dog today, though. She used to kind of jump away when I pet her... now she comes to me and wags her tail, which is great.

There are 2 Bellas!!!!

Echo, Sugar and Ella went to visit the horses. As you can see, Sugar barked at them, Echo wasn't too sure he shouldn't run home and Ella was more or less indifferent. Echo was a little antsy on the ride and even this morning... but he's settled in now. Here they are. And here. The second one has the horses. Oh, and here.

Tattoo, Apple Ginger, Neve, Remy, Elvis, Ngiao on this walk in the pumpkin patch. Here and here and here and here and here.

Theo and Toby. Cameo by Ngiao. How did Ngiao get in here? Didn't come back with the others... and here.

Simon, here.

Rocket, Beanie, Molly, Simon, Lucy, Ngaio: here and here and here.

5 Chocolate Labs: Peter, Buckwheat, Edith, Maddox and Sophie. They wouldn't pose nicely together for a family shot. I'll work on that tomorrow. Here and here and here and here.

Are these more of the labs here?

Here's Nigel and our little conversation. He does seem to respond somehow. He slipped off the the porch to express his desire to go in the house. Didn't happen... tried the back porch for awhile, then he seemed happy to go back with the others. Walk up to the house...

Cindy Loo seemed to be looking for her little friend... going up the house, jumping up on the window to look in. Here she is after all that.

Mila, Gustov, Elton, Nigel, around the hay bales. Here.

Bailey, Mila, Gustov, Nigel, Elton, Samantha, Scuba, Franklin. Here and here.

More of the above group. Here and here and here.

Small or old group. Molly, Emma, Alfie, Gila, Theo (who pops up elsewhere now that I think about it). Here and here and here and here and here.

Or here with Theo and Wellington.

Nico Pagoda first thing in the morning (hear the volume of the other jealous dogs!). Here and here. Yesterday here.

Maggie Blue and Olive here and here and here.

Early morning yard shot. If you dog was picked up on 12/21... in here.

Olive again here and here.

Wellington. Someone else... wellington runs to house. Here.

Franklin Apple Ginger Samantha here.

General yard shot with tons of dogs (too many to mention) here and hereand here ...

and here is Neve.


Mike Stacy said...

So glad to see Maple and Stro on video! We'll get them some nice warm coats for the next visit...

kate said...

Oh simon looks sooooo good on camera!!! Thanks Will. If you tell him to dig dig dig he may actually get some post holes made for ya. Thanks for the vids! We'll be up swishing down the mountains colorado style, so give Simon a big lovin' hello. Merry Christmas!

brandon said...

Hi Will...what did norman do to get in trouble? Why is he on the leash and not running free? And how is his paw healing?

jz said...

Thanks, Will, for reporting on Echo. At the moment we are using a computer in a hotel and we can't download the software to see Echo in the photos, so we would appreciate a sentence or two each day so that we know how he is doing. He is slow to warm up to other dogs sometimes. John and Deborah

jh5 said...

Thank you so much for posting these. Ella is having such a great time! Merry Christmas, and thank you again for taking such great care of her!

The Barn Owl said...

Please tell Sophie that Ollie can't wait to come join her on the 26th. He just ran barking to the computer because the sound was on and he heard her snarfling... young love!

jz said...

Hi, Will, That worked very well. Echo seems his usual leash-biting self. His secret passion, though, is retrieving. If you throw anything, up to a small tree branch, he will retrieve until his feet fall off (but watch the scratchy wood particles that get stuck in his throat.) Any toys, especially sqeaky ones, are his favorites to retrieve.
Thanks for keeping us updated and taking good care of him. More videos, please! Deborah and John

jh5 said...

Just want to check in on Ella for the day. Is she settling in ok? Can't wait to see more videos. Thank you!

aliciam said...

Edith appears to be having a great time with you, as always. We are glad to see that she's in the good company of 4 other chocolate labs!

nasancheyev said...

there's my lucy! so good to see her... thanks will!

Katie Rose said...

Loved the footage of labs! Kind of hard to distinguish between high speed brown blurs, but I definitely recognized Sophie's wagging tail and heavy breathing in several shots. She's so happy she can't even pose!

ocragwell said...

Will, I'm watching Buckwheat everyday. He looks really happy, like he's having the time of his life. Please keep posting movies. I love seeing my dog having such a good time in the snow.
Oscar (Buckwheat's Dad)

heather m said...

Love the video of the labs - looks like Peter is having a great time as usual. Thanks for taking such good care of him, Will!