Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve...

I'm just uploading videos now (1 pm EST). If you cannot open a quicktime MOV video, let me know (comment below) and I'll post a version in WMV. If your dogs is not in here, post a comment and I'll run out and get some more shots... I can think of a couple I seemed not to have got.

Couple of our new arrivals are still settling in... the new Bailey was nervous but is good now. Andy too. I think I missed Andy... little cute beagle? I have to do a beagle thing too, I have a couple now.

We have 2 Mollies, 2 Bellas and 2 Balieys... If your dog has a namesake, now you know. If you have a chocolate lab (Fenway, Sophie, Peter, Buckwheat, Maddox, and Edith) you may have trouble finding your dog. Dopplegangers and namesakes.

I mean, in person I know who is who. But on video... I'm not always sure.

The whole folder of videos is here.

Sunny day today, lot of snow melted yesterday. Got cold. The light is much different than last time. You see, it's not always the same. The dogs might be a little different, the weather... the blog changes gradually and subtly.

Olive, Theo and Gali show up in a lot of videos uninvited (and maybe unidentified here in the blog). Olive finally had to go inside after she got into a fight with Molly (the young Molly)... neither Olive or Molly is a fighter but I'm also not shocked they got into a little dust up... captured on video! No harm done, though.

Below is Lexus eating snow, Gustov (my dog) and Mila going at it (they look almost exactly the same and they love each other dearly -- Gustov cannot wait for Mila to come out) and Simon poses nicely, as he does with his nose in the air... some others in the background there.


Up is a little more of a drag than down. Here.

Pink light, early morning Nico and Pagoda (from the same family), Maggie, Olive... Hey 2 Maggies too! Pagoda is wonderfully loyal to Nico, although Nico maybe doesn't deserve the devotion. Nico is not one who you can just let out in the pack, free and easy, no concerns. Pagoda is a "no trouble dog." Still, Pagoda would rather be with Nico than out in a big group, even if he has to sacrifice some freedom of movement. That's what I mean by loyal. A nice quality in a dog. What did Nico do to deserve it? Plays too rough with old Pagoda if you ask me... but I don't interfere in matters of the heart. Here. Seem to be the same characters in this one too.

Add Bella and Theo to the list above and a lot of pink to the light, Olive busy in the woods. Here.

Olive, Bella, Duece maybe... don't know. Here.

Here is Cindy Loo on her traditional after-walk search for her little friend. This time she didn't go to the house but checked over by the wood shed. Still nothing. Another loyal character. Horses make a little cameo. Here.

Next group for a walk: Buckwheat (unless it's Peter), Echo, Maddox, Django, Theo, Theo, Molly, PJ... catch the squash here.

Next group: Django, Franklin, Olive, Sophie (I think), no Maddox, Molly, Olive, Theo... here.

Franklin Django... Olive and Molly fight... chocolate labs. Here.

Wait, same group but it's Rocket... go back and look Rocket is getting humped by Djago, Franklin's rolling, Buckwheat eating squash..... then the real fight with Molly and Olive... two tough females. No injuries of any kind. Here.

Lucy, Ngaio, Sophie, Elvis, PJ, Neve, Remy, Gali, Theo: Remy lead Ngaio off in the wrong direction (which is funny because they are buddies from the Upper West side) and Jim had to send them back to me. I think it's all Remy fault, even though Remy came back first and Ngaio was still fooling around over in the manure pile. Lucy was checking out the van and wandering around the barn. Yup, for no reason at all, I put all the blame on Remy. And Manhattan. The Brooklyn dogs all come when they're called. Wait, no, Lucy is from Brooklyn. Well, I'll settle this with a massive Brooklyn versus Manhattan fetch competition... tomorrow. Here or here and here.

Same group as above but over in another area, by the big round bales. PJ sticks her nose on the lens here. More here. And here.

Next up (on this walk if not in every video): Bailey (x2), Duece, Hanu, Scuba, Maggie, Nigel, Gali, Theo, Jackson, old Emma. Some funny stuff: Gustov yanking Hanu's leash. Emma falling down in the snow-- wait, an old dog having trouble walking in icy high snow is not funny. Okay, that she suckered me into thinking she couldn't keep up and I went back to look for her and she had scooted over to the house lickety split. Bailey rolling. Here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Here is the end of the group above and the one who went to the porch today. Emma... and all above.

Next group: Simon (who poses), Jackson, Fenway, Elton, Tattoo, Mila: Whoooooo!

Same as above here. More of them here, including Gustov (my dog) and Mila in love. And here.

Same as above plus my family going for a walk here.

Maple and Stro going to the horses. Maple is much better today. She seems to have good and bad days. She was anxious to go play with the dogs in the yard and she did. Here.

New group: Bella, Toby, Samantha, Ella, Molly, Cloud, Gila. Here. Same here plus Jim getting water. And here.

Jim carrying water. Black dog here.

Andy here.


jz said...

Merry Christmas Eve to you, too, Will. Yes, more fetching, please! Echo seems to be doing well and waiting his turn. Thanks for taking good care of him. John and Deborah

Katie Rose said...

Merry Christmas to you! I wasn't sure when you said in the video, "Sophie, you would never do that, would you?" if you meant eat droppings or run away. But it's true; she would never think of doing either. She looks very smitten with life on the farm!

katherine said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Will!
Thank you for the video of Andywalter. The kids loved seeing him. They say, "more, please!!"

Katherine, Jane, and Augustus

Kelly-Anne said...

Happy New Years Eve!
We just watched through a few videos to catch some glimpses of Hanu. All the dogs look happy. Glad there was room for Hanu so we could enjoy our holiday knowing he was enjoying his.