Saturday, December 29, 2007

short entry

If you don't see your dog, s/he is fine. leave a comment and I'll try to fix it for tomorrow -- get more of your dog... TRY. I will do more maybe this afternoon too.

These two can do this all day.

Alfie, Tsunami, Toby, Simon, Mila, Hector is somewhere around.... here and here.

Samantha, not running off today. Putting up with a naughty puppy. Here.

Mila, Nico, Pagoda. Here.

Mila, Luna, Utiok. Our house. Here.

Out for a toot: Fenway, Peter, Buckwheat, Neve, Franklin, Mila. See how Butch, my little dog, tries to attack every group that comes out? No one takes him very seriously. Here. More of them here. Same here-- lot of rolling. One more.

Yard shot... lots in here. Longer and more comprehensive here

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