Friday, December 28, 2007

samantha sneaks off, casper is just plain naughty, andy walter is finally not nervous, the sunrise is nice with mist, cat that just won't scram

Let me start with today since the dogs are definitely still here.

Wait, yesterday: Jim talking about crime in Schnectedy, Andy Walter and Theo and some horses. Here.

Toby, Chicken, Hermoine, Turbo, Allie, Rocket, Casper, Emm, Rocky, Shiene, Simon, Sam, Fletcher... first thing in the AM, sun coming up. Shiene got moved to the shy, little or old group after this... although she did seem to like the space. I'll rotate the groups on the big field in a minute... here.

Luna and Utiok and Theo (of course)... snow crunching. Here.

Sunrise, mist, Luna and Utiok, Theo, here.

Sheine, Bailey, Casper, Molly, Cindy Loo, Samantha, Rocky, Tattoo, Scuba, Simon, Elton, Fletcher more than that in the yard. Here.

Going out for a run: Turbo, Fenway, Sam, Tattoo, Maggie, Simon, Fletcher (7 dogs?) off to the races here whoooooo!

This group (above) lacked cohesion and discipline. Particularly Samantha. She wandered off to the hay bales the other way around the woods through the horse paddock. She's been here a while and she wanted to explore and, she figured, we always head that way to the bales so she can meet me there. More of this sadly unresponsive group here and, 30 minutes of searching later, Samantha decides I am not going to meet her at the bales and come back here.

Toby, Alfie, Hermonie, Emma, Tsunami, Sheine getting ready for a walk. Here.

Buckwheat, Peter, Rocket, Django, Lucy, Bailey, Sugar in the yard here.

PJ howling here.

Bella in the sun.

Allie, Sophie, Lexus, Oliver, Neve sunrise... here.

New group going for a walk: Bella, Andy, Cloud, Maple, Stro... not so rambunctious. Here.

Came bunch again. Here.

Same bunch as above here.

In the barn. Cloud. Cat should clear out! Open the door: Rocket, Mila, Bailey, Peter, Lucy, Django... we're off. Here. More of this group here. Here again.

The cat still didn't clear out and we're back. And Jim in upstairs. Here.

Another bunch: Molly, Chicken, Buckwheat, Hector, Mila... and Casper. Casper runs off. Always one in a crowd. He doesn't get off the leash again, rascal. Here.

Same bunch here. Again here. Tracking down Casper again here, others follow him to the hay bales...

Duece, Bella and Norman. They had the longest time out in the AM before I had the camera... so here they are in they're own yard.

Nico and Pagoda here. If you want to be this close to my house, you should be quiet... and these two are.

You know, we'll leave the past two days as they are... just dumped online with no descriptions. I can't keep up!


l'hibou said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad to see Ollie. Makes me feel less like a psycho for checking your blog every half hour since yesterday. He looks good. Thanks, Will!

Jay said...

Tsunami's looking good—give him a big cuddle and ear scratches for us!