Wednesday, December 26, 2007

boxing day

I don't have time to do the whole list, describing and linking all the videos. Sorry. Tomorrow I will do that for both today and yesterday (and any new ones for tomorrow). So here is where I dumped all the videos:

You'll have to search around today or come back tomorrow for a dog by dog break down... Thanks again for checking the blog, now that I know people are checking in. Beautiful weather today... all dogs seems fine. Maggie is a brat, Samantha is loosing her tolerance for puppies and 3-legged Maggie was acting up a little, Andy's still a little nervous... but all fine. Good luck searching the videos.


Rachel said...

Yay for more videos. Thanks for taking good care of toby

Petitbon said...

hey will,
we are definitely check in of nico and pagoda, despite the frustration of deep country dialup. please let us know if they are viewable.

thanks for letting us check in. we're really missing them.

jz said...

Hi, Will,
Thanks for the great shots of Echo on the 25th. I see he got knocked out of the running in the fetching contest. He seems more focused on you than on the ball. He looks very serious. We miss him and are looking forward to getting him back tomorrow. Thanks, Deborah and John

Jill said...

Merry Christmas! Imagine my surprise when I saw Boxing Day as your title. We're in Canada and my brother did indeed battle it out for a wireless keyboard!
Mike and I love the videos, but just wish we'd see more of Stro and Maple... We know it's a busy season and all and that you're taking good care of them (they always tell us when they come home from camp)! Thanks!

katherine said...

Thank you for the vids. It is really a highlight of my kids' day to see their buddy AndyWalter.


Katie Rose said...

Is Maggie's lost tolerance for puppies in any way related to a certain 7-month-old chocolate lab named Sophie? There's something about her unbridled enthusiasm that gets on the nerves of older dogs still...

P.S. I'm avidly following the Brooklyn-Manhattan matches. I'm not sure how many fetching skills Sophie will contribute to Team Manhattan (maybe she could be a cheerleader)...but I know Ollie's going to be a valued asset for Team Brooklyn!

gilat said...

Hey Will,

We love the videos with Samantha, it looks like she is getting some exercise and is having a good time. We miss her and are looking forward to see her soon.

Thanks for taking good care of Samantha.

The Baruchi family