Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

I won't have time today to do all the descriptions but hopefully I'll have stuff in the folder:


Christmas Fecth Competition:

Manhattan defeats Brooklyn 4 to 3 in overtime... MVP goes to Fenway, Remy gets a yellow card for ball stealing.


heather m said...

merry christmas! looking forward to more videos later this week.
-heather (peter's mom)

M said...

Merry Christmas to all.......and I'm very proud of Remy for being the ball stealer - he definitely gets in the game!!

glencadia said...

Okay, the videos are going up late... I'll see what I can cook up tomorrow and the next day.

nasancheyev said...

go brooklyn! our dog is clearly having a TERRIFIC time -- thanks will!

PlayItAgain Jess said...

Hi Will, thanks for all the videos. We really enjoy the blog and seeing Tattoo play with other dogs. Too bad she is not good at fetch!