Wednesday, November 21, 2007

thanksgiving bunch in place

Here are the pertinent folders for yesterday:

and today:

I mention yesterday because I didn't upload the movies until this morning. No one complained, which lead me to think no one is reading this blog or looking at the videos (which were missing) and that I'm wasting my time.

I thought it was nice to have a place where you can see some of what your dog is up to but if you would rather not stop by to see... then I'll cut it out. You can leave a note in the comments section to let me know you stopped by-- or I won't bother!

And about the files in the folder: if they end in MPG, Jim made them. His camera is worse than mine but his videos are much easier to upload and download quick. Also, he got a few names wrong but I labelled them correctly.

My videos end in WMV or MOV. The quicktime MOV movies are high res than the WMV versions. One or the other should work on most computers. They are the same, just different formats. I tried to embed video into this page but so far there is no easy way (has to be easy since I do so many every day).

I've also added a lot of stills today. They end in PCT.

I videoed a thing I do all the time but rarely post up here. I call it Holding Court. That's the video called "All Ears All Dogs." Basically I sit there and scratch everyone behind the ear if they want it.

Also, I did some match making. I have a nice arrangement now. I've been doing this a few years and I feel like I just know which dogs belong together, even if I can't immediately explain why. As the day goes on, as the videos get made, I start to figure it out. So by the end, different dogs are in different places.

My nervious dogs are Xena and Woodrow, although Woodrow is almost completely comfortable with me now. He did come for a scratch during Holding Court after the battery ran out. Anyway, he's cool now. Xena looks at me with a friendly face when I call her but doesn't come. I think she was intimated by the number of dogs, so she's with the smaller and/or shier dogs now.. dogs like Wellington, Ziza, Peanut, Crumb, Bernie... and my spillers, Moki and Norman, need to stay away from the buckets. Also, Woodrow hates Norman. They have balls, they can't help it. Princess is her usually bossy self but I've had her here so many times and she's never been involved in an incident -- a yellow card once, but no red card -- that I don't worry about it. Theo needed special treatment. I just let him wander by himself all morning, then sit in a room. He hates certain big dogs but it seems to change who he hates. He'll get himself hurt. Most of them don't come to mind immeidiately because they're just fine and happy and I don't need to worry about them: Sally, Layla, Django, Shiloh, etc... no issues.

That's the story for today. If I don't have any comments or emails, I might skip the videos... anyway, things are good here and all dogs are doing well.


Miriam said...

Don't stop posting! I brought my lap top so we could keep an eye on Emma (the chicken) and see how she is doing. We love it.

kathryn said...

Keep the videos! we love them, its so great watching all the dogs in action. hope that peanut is behaving! thanks!

Ron said...

Hey, I already posted a comment on an earlier entry. We've been looking at the videos religiously ever since you started posting them. We worry about Wellington.

brandon said...

dont stop the videos! if i could call norman on his cell phone and talk to him i would, but since he's not even two he's not allowed his own cell phone. watching him run around and play is awesome. i can hear him telling me he's having a great time. poor guy has balls, so it's not his fault when other dogs dont like him, it's ours. he's a lover though and the younger the puppy the better. oh yea, and he'll try to swim in any water, be it a bucket or his water bowl. keep the videos coming and we love the updates.

wendy said...

Thank you so much for the videos and blog! I have never been away from Pete before and its a relief to see him running around and having fun!

sometimes you feel like a... said...

One more vote for keeping up the videos - Ziza's extended family just gathered around the computer to see her at camp! Thanks for taking such good care of all these mutts!

Jodie said...

Thanks so much for the video and written updates! Keep them coming! It's so nice to be able to rest easy knowing my baby is being well cared for-especially since I have never been away from him this long!I hope Hudson is cooperating now that he's had some time to adjust.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep sending the videos. We LOVE them. We check on them all the time to see what's going on and our family and friends think we are crazy.
Sorry Cougar peed on your coat:( I hope they aren't too much of a handful.

Anonymous said...
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