Friday, November 2, 2007

potholes, ground hogs, jack-o-laterns, and of course eveyone's dog

So open this folder:

I got back really late last night because of strange late night construction and traffic and nonsense... but the dogs were really good on the way up. I wanted to get nice shots of all the dogs running through the fields but I was too tired to get out there this morning when Jim was walking them, and he forgot his camera. Anyway, I promised something so I just went out and got some video of what they're up to now -- arrow and archie are both from park slope and seem to like each other, finn and cleo are another nice couple, sheina was nervious in the car and here a little, but not too bad and ended up pretty affectionate by the end of the ride, cleo drewled all the way upstate, finn crawled in my lap, ruby had her paws on the dashboard, hermoine broke the divider down and jumped in the back seat from the trunk area: like I said, a very quiet calm ride, relatively speaking.

7350: all the dogs in one movie
7349: people around here are into making fancy pumpkins... there were better ones than this... and I didn't even shoot the waldorf school pumpkins, amazing-- do people in the city go all out like this?
7342: trick or treat
7326: this is really wild -- WILD LIFE VIDEO: small dog attacking a ground hog -- and he seems to have mortally wounded the ground hog since he has barely moved from that spot for two days... yikes

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