Tuesday, November 20, 2007

second entry of the day- rain stopped

Look at the entry below for links and shots in and around the barn. I took everyone out for a toot and the videos in the are labelled by name: Hudson was stubborn, Xena nervious, Woodrow biased, Molly won the fetch contest, Princess was bossy and obdient as always, Lucky was surprisingly naughty, everyone is flithy, Wellington in a bad mood, maybe rain, he perked up when I let him in the ... nevermind. Can't think of anymore adjective-dog associations. Pete is a kindred spirit with my puppy Gustov (black one in the video) -- playful. I got everyone but Theo in the videos I think. Theo got time out for attacking a dog five times his size. Winston is in the house. He hates me but likes my family. He hates me so much I can't really deal with him. Okay, I'm back to the city now. More dogs coming in tomorrow's blog.

All dogs not mentioned in the paragraph above are simply having a fine time.

The videos with number in the names have almost all dogs in every video: from this morning when the weather was terrible. The fetch contest is in one of those at the end.

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