Friday, November 23, 2007

more expansive entry after turkey... with links

Hey, Google upgraded the blogger software. I can put the videos right into the entry next time.. no clicking or linking... this will be great. Next time.

Getting turkey ready for dogs here.

One method to get turkey to dogs: throw it. Here.

Another method: mix with food and hand it out. Here.

Another way: hand it to them. Here.

Tucker eating turkey here.

Dark close up of turkey... here.

For yard shot with Jim and I talking about who has balls (three in the group who need to be kept apart)-- here or higher res here.

Norman and Archie have testicles and Norman went after Archie a little... but no harm done. Have to keep them apart. And Archie was ready for fetch 15 seconds after that, so I guess he's fine psychologically too.

Chicken, archie, ziza, woodrow, cole remy, cocoa, and many more here or higher res here.

Woodrow getting a scratch, princess, archie, fectch ziza wins, zeppy, layla, cocoa, here or higher res here.

Lucky kept running off... who would have guessed, reliable dog like that. Here or higher here.

Letting a whole bunch out for a toot (Chicken, Shiloh, Hudson, Remy, Lucky) here or higher res here.

Clover moki, talking about lucky here or higher res here.

These are actually moving in reverse order cronologically, as lucky comes back in the next few.

Out in the field with archie, peanut, bernie, crumb, lola, daisy, clover here or higher res here.

Same as above plus Lucky here or higher res here.

No dogs in this one just a cute little baby girl in a fancy dress here or higher res here.

Like Helen of troy, this face could move armies... must see. Here or higher res here.

That's theo.

Here's Xena. She really likes me now but still doesn't just come... interesting personality here or higher res here.

Xena, theo, princess, and then Rocky playing with my puppy -- and getting taken for a walk, pretty funny video here or higher res here.

Xena here or higher res here.

Oh wait more videos by Jim: archie and rocky -- same two -- rocky archie and lucky runs off (see above) -- no lucky is not back but rocky and archie go home --
sally buttercup -- django buttercup somewhere here -- hey why is django scracthing my new prius, buttercup gets a scratch behind the neck -- moki norman me back with peanut bernie and the rest of those guys -- moki, clover -- moki, clover -- tucker -- shiloh, remy, lens cap -- hudson, shiloh, cocoa -- shiloh, remy, hudson, my car, my house -- scuba, ziza, lots more --

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Anonymous said...

Were Cougar and Casper naughty? We didn't see them get any turkey.