Tuesday, November 6, 2007

endless flocks of black birds, ruby chasing what tail she has, jim cleaning the woodstove, juan troll and diego troll, rain


I got back at about 1 am and had to deal with a crying baby, my wife had to work, and luckily Jim showed up for work on Tuesday again. So let's see what we have:

comic relief, since the hollywood writers are on strike:
7359, 7360

7372: here are the troll pumpkins
7373: family inspection of troll pumpkins
7374: bernie, finn, maddox, pj, tibet in pumpkin field

So I was told not to let bernie off the leash, but I had some chicken in my pocket and she loved it (nothing special about that). Of course, she took off. Of course, she came back wet and full of briers about 5 minutes later. She did have a good time, at least.

7375: geese overhead, arrow, lola, adelaide, hermoine, pj
7376: ruby
7377: ruby and THESE BIRDS: they are black and brown, the brown ones are smaller, they come in vast flocks (this video does not do justice to the size and sound of these endless lines of birds) there are more black ones than brown (more like juvenile/adult rather than male females) slightly bigger than a sparrow -- they just come and come and come, then they all land in a few trees in one spot and noise is intense, then off they go, they hang around for a month or so in the fall
7378: inside, walk done, breakfast done, clean up done, and now jim is cleaning the stove and we chit chat about the dogs
7379: ruby chases tail (or lack of tail) and eveyone else watches inside cozy and warm

now for some non dog videos:


That's my son's movie.

Here he is making the next one (The Making of...):

7369, 7370, 7371

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