Tuesday, November 20, 2007

early blog entry on an icey morning

If your dog is not in the online reservation system, you should make a reservation at glencadia.com so that we know where to go and when to bring your dog back. I also want to vaccine info in the database. And check your reservation to make sure the return date is right. And if you can take your dog back on Tuesday next week instead of Monday, that would be great. I need to get some more over to Tuesday... if I can.

Like Hudson, please try it again. I like to have everything (important infor) where I can find it: in the database.

The weather is terrible this morning so we went easy on the walks. Also, almost every dog is in almost every video so I didn't go through the list-- except Winston, he's by himself. I did a thing with fetch, Brooklyn dogs versus Manhattan dogs, and Brooklyn cleaned house. But it was freezing rain and everyone knows that Brooklyn dogs play better in bad weather. We'll have another round later when the weather improves. It stopped raining already.

Woodrow is the only one from New Jersey and that must be the problem... he's nervious. Actually, not too bad. He's coming around. He likes some of the dogs and he'll sit if I tell him to but he is nervious... he'll be fine tomorrow.

We got in and settled everyone down last night and we had so many old timers... It's great to see so many old friends back. A couple new ones, which is nice, but the old timers keep things mellow.

Here are the videos:


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