Saturday, November 24, 2007

sunny cold day trying the new video blogger software

It seems like this software only allows me to upload one video per video entry. How's this work?

So you may still need the folder here.

Here is Jim throwing some tennis balls (donations of old tennis balls always welcome!) out in the yard with most of the dogs in there.

Here is Jim in the barn with some dogs and nice light:

Here is yesterday afternoon with most of the dogs:

This is Scuba, Wellington, Princess, my dogs, Crumb, Theo

Wellington, Theo, Scuba, Princess, Crumb in the driveway:

Here's the story of Winston: he kind of started to put up with me more but he still only really loves women. He barely tolerates me and loves my wife. I had to bring him back to the house so she could fix his halter... he might bite me if I tried to fix it. Theo also makes a cameo in one of these.

here and here and here

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Anonymous said...

can we get a video of cougar and casper playing or running around like the other dogs?