Sunday, November 11, 2007

sorry i didn't blog before -- I was away

Jim was holding down the fort while I was away. Jim's videos are in the folder, as well as mine from this afternoon.

All the dogs are fine. I called Petra Elvis in one video -- they look alike and Elvis was here when I left. Petra limped a little -- she does that... let me know if I need to do something else.... Eleda has been sleeping in a crate with the door open but she seems to like it there. A few dogs were afraid to get in the van on Thursday -- it might have been one of the other dogs. They are all well now.

Open this folder:

So here are my shots of the yard (start with MVI):

7541, 7542: these have everyone except the ones below
7543: holly and captain mellow
7544: ruby and tibet and max and my dogs

Here are the shots from when I was away (start with MOV000 and end with MPG)

2: captain mellow and geese
3: same
4: maddox hermonie
5: same
6: eleda scout
7: same
8: same
9: arrow taji
10: same two plus neighbors coming to check on the horse
11: fletcher
12: fletcher
13: jp and neighbor's son and fletcher
14: holly, pony, sadie
15: ruby, molly
16: same
17: same
18: everyone
19: petra sadie everyone
20: everyone
21: everyone
22: everyone

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