Friday, November 16, 2007

friday, daughter's birthday, mellow dog group

so you go to:

The three videos all have all dogs... including me putting my knee up when Wellington jumps on me (standard procedure) although he doesn't seem to like it... Jim talking about Cole and Dewey and their health (fine)... throwing the wood chips on the floor and on Rocky.

So Dewey is okay. I'm making some rice with chicken out in the barn in the rice cooker I have out there right now for him (and everyone else gets a taste). He likes this one spot and I put a blanket there for him. I just turned on the heat lamps: it's getting cold. I may yet make a fire for them tonight.

Cole isn't barking and, no, he won't hang out with Ollie (my son Ollie). I got the info about dropping off Ollie in the city on the 16th. Thanks for sending in the amending the reservation.

The still photo in the folder above is Lotta on her first birthday.

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Ron said...

If you don't want Wellington to jump up on you, just turn your back on him when he jumps up. He won't like it, but he'll stop after a couple of times. Well, unless he's really excited.