Sunday, November 25, 2007

not so rushed... now all the videos

See the previous post. I didn't get a chance to upload and described the videos. Here is one that google let me upload:

Go here to see all the videos and pictures> here.

I wanted to use this one as the featured video but it didn't work... maybe too long.

Here is the hot air balloon after it passed over the dog fence, maybe intentionally. It certainly stirred them all up. Video here.

Here are some of Cougar and Casper, as promised... but I took them by themselves this time: here and here and here

Crumb, Theo on the pine road here.

Crumb rolling in the grass here. He's deaf, isn't he?

Pete Princess Remy Moki Layla Xena here.

The group above has gone through the pumpkin field to the hay field here.

Same group as above here -- princess being bossy.

In the barn with Norman, Wellington, Moki.. and Wellington ATTACKS Norman... who has balls and I forgot Wellington does that. No one was hurt... Norman showed restraint. Exciting FIGHT video here.

Ziza and my puppy here.

Weird video with peanut and archie here.

Peanut Chicken Scuba Archie Django Zeppy Ziza here and here and here and here.

Lola Daisy Lucky Clover Sally Shiloh Mowgli here and here and here and lucky does it again, running right to the edge of "oh on" and coming back. And same group here.

Same bales with Cocoa, Molly and Hudson here and here rolling and here in the barn again.

Rocky was supposed to go with the group above but he hung out with Jim in the barn while we were gone. They all (Rocky too) just walk back in nice and civilized here.

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brandon said...

Oh no! Poor norman attacked. I rarely get to see him in the he out and about with the other dogs? I hate seeing him attacked, he would not be the aggressor and hate seeing him put in that position. Please make sure he gets to run and play with the others.