Sunday, November 25, 2007

disjointed, oddly written, incomplete, teaser entry: hot air balloon, hay bales, geese, timer

First of all, I don't think I put up enough of Cougar and Casper and I will remedy that today. Also, almost everyone is going home tomorrow so we made sure to get nice long walks in for everyone -- and I videoed a lot of it and there will be a lot of videos. I tired using the time and putting the camera on a hay bale. And I have cougar and casper here on the front page. I will be emailing everyone about getting some more people to change from delivery (dog drop off) tomorrow to Tuesday delivery. A hot air balloon passed right over the dog yard early in the morning and I didn't have my camera. They went crazy. I did manage to run back and get my camera to get the balloon but not the full effect. You'll get a sense of the madness.

Stop: my processor is running slowly because I am converting all the videos now and my family is clamoring to go out so let's just call this blog entry "disjointed, oddly written and incomplete, a teaser entry" and hold off until I have more time and all the videos are already converted and uploaded. But they'll be good-- dogs doing all sorts of interesting things -- so check back.