Wednesday, February 13, 2008

post storm blog entry

It snowed, then hailed, then rained last night exactly as predicted. Quite remarkable, the detail of the prediction and it's accuracy.

Here are the dogs that won't stay in a fence.

Here is my big old red barn. It's a 100 years younger than the house... and amazing. Built high to accommodate loose hay around 1900 with trunks that are incredible... especially for such a late period. They might have recycled older beams and re-hewed them because they are machine cut... anyway, it's a great building. I hope it's happy to be in use again. The roof leaks. I fix it and it leaks again... this summer I will patch it when it's hot and dry and that should be the end of it. Famous last words. The roof is 75 years old.

Here all the dogs. I had a video of Malachi not liking to walk on ice. I don't know what happened to it.

When the horse meet up in the morning they kiss and say hello. Here or here.

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