Thursday, February 21, 2008

ice skating again, maybe last time?

This is the second blog entry of the day. Scroll down.

Princess (no tail) was a pretty good sled dog but didn't seem to like it. So I tried Boon and Princess (brooklyn).

Results of all this dog sleding below.

Here is Princess 1's first attempt.

This one is weeeeee!

No she doesn't seem to like it. Here.

So we'll just skate here. Watch out for dogs!

Last try for this dog. Here.

Actually, it kind of works better with dogs on the side. Here.

Try some new dogs. Boon and other Princess. Here.

Try again. Here.

Last one: no sled. Brooklyn Princess pulls Ollie on skates. That's the way to travel!


Ashes said...

I'm glad Boon got a little extra attention if he was feeling bad, and I hope he had fun pulling the sled, he has a pulling harness at home and always seemed to really enjoy it. I can't wait to watch the videos when I get to the airport (there are massive restrictions on the browsers here). Thanks so much!

-Chelsea Kronick

Ewelina&Mis said...

Misiu would be much better at pullling the sled. it's a Husky thing :)