Sunday, February 17, 2008

ice skating, maybe for the last time this winter

It's about 9:15 AM EST and the videos will be up in a few hours... if the links don't work by noon EST let me know. Also, you can go to the main folder:

Look for previous entries if your dog isn't here. Also, you can always post a comment, like WHERE IS MY DOG? Then I'll make sure to get yours in the next one... worked for Scout's people. I like to know who's looking.

Hey guys, leave the poor old horse alone. Here.

Ducks or dogs? In this area by the pond. I could order a couple ducks online.

Cedar, Lucky, Princess (x2), Scout, Molly, Remy, ice skating, finding some dead stuff, eating manure... it's a party. Here.

Hay bales. Rocky, Boone (make a reservation in the system if you want your dog back one day! I have no info on you... nothing, not a phone number, nothing), Misui, Trouble, Fletcher, Sally. Here and here.


Ashes said...

We (Boon's Parent) sent you an email, but we do read the blog and love hearing about the dogs. Our reservation number is 11775, just email us if we still need to make a new reservation.

David and Chelsea Kronick

michele said...

Hi -
Hope Ollie is ok. Love seeing Jake. Keep it coming!
Michele and Rob

David said...

Thanks for keeping Chippy warm with the sweater. He likes wearing them, and Jasper likes trying to take them off him! Send them our love!