Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dog camp and the environment... and a proper blog entry finally


That is the right link for the old videos. But today I will do a proper blog entry, with dogs named, write ups and clear links. Sorry for the delay in getting something nice and clean... if I can finish it before the school bus comes. The last videos are exporting now.

By the way, my old van is back to life. Still need a new one for the summer, though.

1. If you dog got picked up Thursday, 7 Feb 2008, I have your leash. I'm not supposed to have your leash. But I'm leaving them all in the car and hopefully I can get them back to you... but there will be two cars on Valentine's Day, so we'll see. You see why I don't want the leash...

2. Trouble is a terrific dog and no trouble at all... except that she can jump over the fence. She somehow uses the handle for leverage and it doesn't seem to be an athletic achievement, more a problem solving triumph. This is a wood fence 5 feet, 10 inches. I wanted at leash 6 feet but Dan wanted to cut it to make it even... and Trouble is taking advantage of her superior analytic abilities. The other dogs have seen her do it (I haven't seen it) but they can't copy her.

3. Olive, on the other hand, can get of the chain link fence. This is more of an athletic accomplishment. And I've seen how she does it. She uses the side of the barn for leverage and climbs the fence and she can only do it on one spot. Then she gets stuck between that fence and the next one.

4. Malachi was not playing nice so he's by himself. Also, he completely destroyed his bed before he got here, in the car on the way up. I hate dog beds. They are stuffed with this plastic crap, not biodegradable, and if I put them in the barn and they get shredded, the plastic gets mixed with the dog shit, wood chips and other crap in such a way that I cannot dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way (dump it in a hole in the woods and let it rot). So biodegradable stuff ends up in landfill. This is another reason to resist people giving me plastic stuff, chew toys, beds...

RANT: Dogs should never touch plastic or get factory produced presents. Give then old shirts, rags to rip up, dog beds of old sheets. Recycle! The dogs like that stuff fine. Don't but stuff for your dog! How about a can, or a used plastic bottle, or anything. They love hay, manure, wood chips, sticks, cans, blankets, wool, cotton... then dump it in the woods and let it rot. Okay, enough on this rant. And I like tennis balls to, old ones that are no good for tennis anymore.

Well, one more environmental issue. I think about how much driving I do with the dogs. One thing in my favor is that if everyone drove here, if I was doing dog boarding in a suburban or rural area, if would be more miles driven per dog than the way I do it. And I try to use the most efficient vehicle I can. That's why I drive the car when I don't have a lot of dogs: it gets over 30 mpg. The van sucks but it's better than a full size van.

Still, it is probably better for the environment for people in the city to take their dogs to a regular kennel with little space and have them pace back and forth on concrete when they go on vacation. Or even better, not have dogs. Or even better we could all stay home and not travel.

And eventually this would end up with misery for all.

5. Old Moses is 15... I think. He keeps on trucking. He didn't seem to like the car ride even though he got to sit up front. He seemed a little woozy. But he's fine now.

6. Charlotte and Freddy are awfully cute with each other. Freddy (the Boston Terrier) won't come when I tell them it's their turn to go for a walk or when I try to get them to go into the warmest room and sit under the lamp, so I get charlotte to do it and then Freddy follows. They have to be together. And they act a little nervious sometimes, both at the same time, so I thought they might take off and run away. They won't, now I trust them off the leash. They are tremendously loyal to each other... maybe Charlotte more to her little friend. Touching.

Okay, let's get to the videos. Here are all of todays in one folder.

Wait, this has no dogs in it. But some good stick to it ness in here.

Here's what I mean about the dog bed. Plus Scuba, Freddy, Hanu, Sawyer... And I get a stick right in my eye, Freddy get's taken for a walk by my dog Gustov.

Same as above... of course if Freddie is there, so is Charlotte. Here.

Hanu, Sally (chasing horses), Moses, Lucky, Sajj... Here. Hanu made himself scarce when the first group was going home and managed to go out again with the second group. Nice work.

Sajj, Scuba... these guys are just too angelic to get write ups. What's interesting about perfection?

Lucky has a flaw, so there's something interesting to write: He likes to be the boss.

Same group as above. Sally as naughty as before. Here. Again here.

Last but not a bit least, Olive, with no fence to jump, as she likes it. She really doesn't like to be on the wrong side of a fence. So she has to do this.

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