Thursday, February 21, 2008

perfect day

Scroll down and consider the dog for adoption below. Check out the skating video, which will not be available until noon EST. Schedule for dog pick up coming soon.

The full moon and eclipse were great. What a clear, beautiful night. The other day I went out to the wood shed at night, must have been a week ago, and got a load of wood, picking up some logs, when I heard, "Grrrrr..."

It was low. Kind of deep. The way it resonated, it was something bigger than a dog, or about that size.

You know what it was? No? Me either. I dropped the wood and high-tailed it back to the house and turned on the oil-furnace for the night. I don't like to send my money to Hugo Chavez or the King of Saudi Arabia to the extent I can avoid it but I also don't want to mess with some large-growling creature hiding somewhere in the wood pile.

I mean, it took 60 million years to make that oil but I only have two hands and need both of them. I picked the lesser of two evils.

Anyway, the moon. With the moon last night, I could confidently go out in the middle of the night and get some wood. It was like day, in Sweden in the winter anyway, with strong moon shadows and clear light.

And now today the birds are chirping, the sun is shining. The ice is still solid. The dogs are all in a good mood and have figured each other out and are down with the system, everything is going smoothly. The baby is sleeping in her crib now, my son seems to like math. A German magazine just bought a domain I registered in 1997 (and paid $15 a year since) for $5000.

Yikes, I'm about to jinx something.

John McCain can't keep his girlfriends out of the NYT. See, Barack can keep things quiet. He'd better, Michelle seems like a tough cookie. And they say he doesn't have experience! McCain is an amateur compaired to Barack. If he can't manage his extra-marital affairs, how can he deal with Iran?

On to the dogs.

Cedar, Boon, Daisy and Molly went skating. Here.

Bear didn't come... jumped in a car and sat there until we got back. Princess (1 and 2), Moki, Petra, Fletcher... anyone else? Here.

Here is old Dusty with the horses. Hear the birds?

Malachi: he goes for a walk every day and I might let him in general cirrculation... or not. We'll see. And he's a little skinny these days, maybe staying outside so much, as he likes to do, so he get's extra breakfast. Here.

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