Saturday, February 16, 2008


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I took some video this afternoon then forgot the camera in the barn. After getting the baby to sleep, I ran back out to get it and managed to get in and out of the barn without waking up the dogs, who were all quiet. I stepped out of the barn and heard a racket, all the dogs waking up and howling and barking. Damn, they didn't hear me come in but they must have heard the barn door on the way out. Then I noticed that a lot of the noise was coming from somewhere else. Some dogs across the field in the village? All the dogs in the village? Sounds like a lot. No, it was from the opposite direction, the woods. Coyotes. A lot. Yipping. Now that I had a chance to listen, it didn't sound like dogs at all. That's what riled up the dogs, or the dogs riled up the coyotes.

We're not in a real wilderness here. I think that is the second time in 4 years I heard that. I've seen the odd coyote --saw one walking in broad daylight by a farm south of here driving by, not far from the house too. Kind of cheeky. And my neighbor hunts them. I don't know what she does with them but there is a dead one in the back of her truck from time to time.

Anyway, 40 dogs and about the same in coyotes had a little shouting contest tonight.

Then my cat, who lives in the barn, high-tailed it to the house. She never wants to come in the house, has to be much colder than this. I think she didn't like the sound of those coyotes.

Now, comments. I got only two. If I don't get more comments, I will assume no one reads this and give up for awhile... up to you.

Jasper and Chippy reunion here. Miles, Macey, Teddy, Cloud, Wellington in here too.

Same as above plus Jake. Here.

In the house here. Yikes: what a pile of dogs. Cedar, Scuba, Princess, Moki, Molly, Jasper, Rocky, Misiu, Trouble.

Fletcher, Lucky, Princess, Molly, Trouble, Moki, maybe some more here.

Ollie and some cats. Here.

Chachi, Cloud, Teddy, Jake, Wellington, Chippy in a coat with Ollie at breakfast. Here. Jake growls at Ollie, it's okay.

Same bunch of little ones. Picked Teddy up and got scratched. This is turning into a disaster! Here.

Chirrpy and Ollie skating. Here. Horse watching. More here.

So many GOLDEN RETRIEVERS I can't keep them straight. Plus Remy, Misui, Scout, Edith, Norman, Molly, Ruby, More Goldens. Some fetch and then run in the house.

Cloud, Moses, Macey, Jake, Trouble, Harley, Miles, Chachi, Chirrpy, Teddy, Sawyer. Here.


The Cannaday Family said...

Thanks for the updates. Unfortunately, i only have access to my husband's laptop and it seems that his employer must have some sort of firewall up that prevents me from opening the videos. I can't wait to get home to watch our Scout! Hope she's behaving herself :) THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

roximarsen said...

Hi Will, I love checking for glimpses of Princess and sending the links to my daughter Devinne, her true owner, who is currently an exchange student in Spain. The google sign up is a bit cumbersome but worth it to encourage you to keep posting. Love to see more of Prncess!! Thanks, Roxi

Joshua said...

Hi Will,
it's Josh, Lulu's owner. I'm out here in Amsterdam, checkin in to see how my little Lu's doin. Will you take some pictures or, better yet, some videos of her havin a good time? I really hope she's gotten used to the place and the other pups. Keep me posted.