Wednesday, February 20, 2008

birds here, looking for spots already, even if there isn't much to eat

Today's story lines: Chachi (in the small dogs group) and Boon (in the big dogs) seemed out of sorts, kind of down or something. Chachi didn't leap off her bed and make it to the door first in the morning. She went back to bed. And Boon didn't follow me around like usual. So I decided those two need a little extra attention and they are now next to the house and spent a lot of time with people this morning...

Everyone else seemed fine. And both of my special cases seem to like things as they are now... they needed a break from the pack for awhile maybe.

Here are most or maybe all of the big dogs. Lulu was in a particularly good mood. Fletcher was up for some fetch. Then I wander in the house to check on Boon (and see above...)

More inside, big dogs. Here.

Now little dogs. Here. Jasper has to protect his little charge. Birds are back, even if there is nothing to eat yet.

Here's a good video:

Now Chachi and Boon and Dusty. Gustov takes Boon for a walk. Pretty funny, you should see this. Also, horses, lay of the property, my son banging on the window saying "Wolf!" meaning Boon looked like a wolf to him. Dusty is 15, blind and deaf. But he's doing great this week. Amazing.

And here are the laggards enjoying the sun, birds, and barking at the horses.

That's it for dogs. Now here are my kids. We let Ollie watch movies, but only these old Swedish versions of Astrud Lingrid stories dubbed into German. They are slow, long shots, quiet and in German. So much better that this trash Hollywood churns out. I could go on with the poison they dump on us but I will spare you. Anyway, Ollie likes to get Lotta to enjoy the movies with him, some company. And here they are again.


Joshua said...

Thanks so much for the great update today! Lulu looks happy and healthy and full of her usual spunk! Me and her mama are so glad to see it. I'm only sorry that she can't stay longer. But I definitely will be bringing her back the next time I go away. You've got a great place out there and we really appreciate everything you do for the pups- and your great video work! It sure makes a nervous parent feel much better.

Thanks again,

PS. Your kids are TOO cute! And god bless you for protecting them from the Hollywood poison. You are a good dad.

David Perlmutter said...

Loved seeing Jasper and Chippy together. Don't be afraid to make Chippy an honorary big dog! He holds his own with anyone.