Thursday, October 18, 2007

theo today, fog video tricks, what happens to all the dog sh*t, blankets, and one really loud horse fart

I noticed that Theo was left out of yesterday's blog... don't know how that happened. Sorry Theo's people. He's all over the place today. Also, it was foggy and I was working on some nive fog videos as I took Ollie to the bus and let the horses out, trying to get a goose flying off into the fog. Instead I got a terrific horse fart. Also, I show some of the unpleasant things here: bags of sh*t which need to go the dump. Jim comes at 1 pm today and I might get him to make a dump run. And every day with the balnkets! Hang them up, fold them. Yes, I can hire people to do this kind of thing (shit, blankets) but unless I saty right on top of them it isn't done right... and it's too much work to supervise them so I just do it myself. Dangnabit. I put an ad in the paper and got like 76 responses but I still don't have the staff thing right. Folks just don't like shit. And the balnkets got a little wet this morning so I hope it clears up so they dry.

Here is the folder for today:

7042: goose in fog

7052: bird sounds and fog... feel the fall?

7064, 7065, 7066, 7067: theo with my dogs

7068: pony farts, kicks, farts louder, joins horses and disappears into the fog

7069: truck full of shit

7070, 7071, 7072: in and around the dog house and yard, blankets, play, whatever

I'm going back to bed now. Babysitter is here. I have to drive tonight... pick up 8 dogs. End of dog blog for today.

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