Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4 chocolate labs in one shot, taking the baby into the dog house, pumpkins, tomatoes, a joke

I was in the middle of taking all the dogs out when our little Lotta (called Lotti-lu by me) complained and started to fall asleep and I had to break up the video shoot... so some dogs will be in the shot later today which I may not post until tomorrow.

Our neighbor Bill Gumaer told me how he used to put his daughter on his back when he went out to milk his cows and how nice that was -- and I thought at the time I could never do that with the dogs: too dangerous. They jump up on you, try to knock you over, might even intentionally hurt the baby... but today I took her out in the sling and did the whole dog thing and it was fine. I have to be real strict about jumping up... I guess I could also put her on my back too, that might be more comfortable and safer. But it would be great to be able to take her with me when I work out there with these guys...

so open another window with the videos:

(That folder should be active as of about noon today EST)

from yesterday:

6942 moki chocolate labs princess

6945: shiloh vanya otto mortiz princess pj

6946: nika

6963: eating peas

6976: theo adeline

6977: 4 chocolate labs -- all labs here

6978: more labs

6979: THIS IS A GOOD CLIP!!!! four brown labs, hay bales, geese, pumpkins, tomatoes

6980: this is when the baby chimes in and we have to go soon so not all the dogs get a real walk today

6981: here is the yard with most dog in one clip -- poor mila --- nika everyone

6982: my dog butch -- trying to get him to dance, which he does do

6983: showing my wife adeline on the porch THERE IS A JOKE IN HERE

6984: adeline and horses

6985: adeline and cat in the barn

6986: back in the yard with everyone lela has to be on leash and by herself...

6987: all dogs vanya an otto

6988: hose... everyone wants some water

Some people seem to think that our little girl is adopted. I don't know what makes them think that. Anyway, she is cute as a button as is her mother:

6989 and 6990: baby and mom

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elizabeth said...

All looks good in the Glencadia dog world. Thank you for these videos. Adelaide is a working dog, so don't hesitate to put her to work or teach her some chores. I think she will also like the cat. She loves helping!!! She will carry just about anything you give her. Sorry about the dump on the driveway. She is a city dog, and is used to dumping on hard surfaces!