Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my son hid the key to the car and ate a bone, mendl son the hay bale jumping competition

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This morning we discovered that the Prius was locked and couldn't find our only key (the other was left in the grass and destroyed by the lawn mower). I called Toyota to ask if the smart key was smart enough to know that if it's locked in the car it should open the door. They told me that unless someone disabled the smart key fuction by pressing a button under the dash, it should open when you pull the handle.

This whole situation seemed like my son Ollie's handwork. Ollie, 5, has been known to do some pretty naughty things. I racked my brain for another explanation, but it just had Ollie's name written all over it. Anyone might have misplaced the key but no one else would have locked the car. And then there was the fact that the instructions about how to turn on the car, for valet parking, little sheets of paper, were strewn all over the front seat... evidence was mounting.

I thought of calling the school to have the teacher ask Ollie where he hid the key so my wife could get to work, as she already had to cancel one appointment. But I didn't think that would work: he needed to be interviewed face-to-face.

Turns out, he had a traumatic day at school. They were walking in the woods near the witch's house (Baba Yaga) when someone stumbled into a yellow jacket hive. He swears that there is a sign in the woods that says, "Keep out! Yellow jackets." But of course he can't read. He claims the teacher read the sign to the class, then proceeded to march the whole group right into the woods, where they were promptly attacked by yellow jackets.

Yes, there is a witch's house in the woods with a trap door in the floor. Really.

Two kids were stung and one had stings all over him and had to go to the hospital. Ollie didn't get hit but was still upset. Walking down the driveway after he got off the bus, he told me there is a kind of wasp with a stinger as big your fist... he saw one with Momma by the pine road... or maybe Ruby told him about them... not the ones they saw today... but if that kind of bee stings you, you die right away. And they live right here in our woods. Then he complained that everything itched, his neck, his hands...

Well, that's all very interesting and I'm sorry Ben had to go the hospital but, Ollie, were you playing with the key to Skippy? (We name our cars and the Prius is Skippy.)

"I don't think so."

You know if we don't find the key, we can never drive the car again.


And if you lost the key, that would be your fault. Maybe you should think again and see if you remember.

"Oh.. let me see... I think I might have played in the car when Finn was visiting for a play date."

Do you remember where you put the key?

"Let's see... I think I put it somewhere very easy to find... It was in my pocket and I took it out... someplace very easy to find... I can't remember exactly where... it would be easier to remember where I put it if I knew for sure I wasn't going to get in trouble."

Okay, if you can remember soon, like in 5 minutes, you won't get in trouble.

"Let's look in the guest house."

It was not in a place easy to find. But he did not get in trouble. And while We were looking we found 48 dollars, US currency, and 15 Euros in his play cash register.

We had a new baby sitter, a German girl, just arrived, here later and they went for a long walk down to the waterfall. When she got back to the house, out of breath and excited, she said:

"I have to say this: Ollie chewed a bone."

Well, if he hides keys, who knows, maybe he chews bones... but it seems really, truly wierd.

"You mean, he found a bone on the way home and chewed it?"

"Yes, right over here by the road. Not one, many bones he ate them."

"He ate a bone? THAT HE FOUND ON THE ROAD?" The neighbor did slaughter a cow yesterday (and gave us some dynamite steak) and I'm sure there are bones around her place but as crazy as Ollie is, he wouldn't rip one out of the mouth of the neighbor's dog and eat it.

"Ollie, did you eat a bone?"

"No, I ate some beans though."

Oh, beans, not bones, from the string bean field next to the house. We eat those every day all day long. That doesn't seem to remarkable.

"Did you bring any home for dinner?"

"But," said the new babysitter, "if you don't cook the beans before you eat them they are poison."

This is the second time a German woman has told me raw beans are deadly. "No," I said, "watch." I picked a bunch of beans, ate them, passed some more to Ollie, gave one to the baby. "They're better raw."

"My mother said they were poison. Oh."

So onto the dogs:

6989: no dogs in this one just baby kissing

6990: mila adelaide nika desi

6991: same as above with my puppy gustov who will look like mila

6992: same group

6993: same as above

6994: same in the hay bales

6995: otto vanya shiloh maddox mendl edith

6996: same

6997: mendl finds a squash-- squash for everyone

6998: inspecting more varieties of squash -- the best look like this!!!!

6999: hay field, same dogs as above

7000: first of the squash on hay bale competition: HEY! where is the video when Mendl wins this competition?

7002: edith and shiloh don't want to go back after this

7003: lela (a dog that might run away should know where the house is and come in for a little while) not that Lela would run away

7004: lela

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