Saturday, October 20, 2007

ollie cleaning dog closet, geese, rainbow, lots of videos

the folder to open is:

First there are a couple that don't have much to do with dogs (except you might hear some barking) but do show what a tremendously beautiful day it was here today:

7170: rainbow we saw on the way home (another one when we got home is hard to see: 7175)
7190: color of sunset and leaves changing geese passing through

That was this afternoon. Here is the morning:
7079: walking through the yard, there is aenne and lotta and most of the dogs (her first word is "wao-wao" for all animals), also roll call in this one
7098: still in the yard, all of them hanging out (elton-sharly love...)
7099: in the dog house quite a few
7100: moses and some stairs
7101: adelaine barking, bella jumping, moses
7102: ollie cleaning the closet for me
7103: cleaner
7104: getting there
7105: inside with ollie on my shoulders mila whitman edith some others
7106: ollie goes upstairs and some dogs follow
7107: upstairs woodchips on dogs
7108: same as above
7109: bella moses otto ollie
7110: emma dewey sharly
7111: cut it out
7112: back in the yard more dogs
7113: apple ginger ollie elton more dogs inside
7114: shiloh whitman -- i don't know, tons
7115: no dogs except mine
7170: rainbow
7175: another rainbow
7177: out ofr a toot whitman elton mila -apple ginger stealing treats from the closet
7178: same as above
7190: geese

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elizabeth said...

Hey Will, the blog does not seem to open. I love seeing what is going on.