Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm not sleepy now... how much coffee can you drink before you just collapse from coffee poisoning? just curious

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So we have a little dust up between buddy and captain mellow recorded, we have some nice fall colors even though it is summer weather, including a coming summer thunderstorm, buddy wandered off and jim had to go get him, my wife and the baby show up in one video to see what I was doing, I have to drive to Kingston to return that van, sharly might sneak off after all... what else? I better run out and get those blanket in before the rain comes and wash the van before I return it and I got back at 1:30 am last night and because I drank coffee I couldn't sleep and still got up at 6:30 so I better get my butt to kingston with that van before I get sleepy. luckily jim came to work this morning early: he always does. and fixes cars.. great.

7073: yard shot, almost all dog in this one
7074: bella sharly otto and vanya out on a toot
7075: same as above in the squash field
7076: buddy and captain mellow -- no fighting
7077 or 7078: squabble here -- no one seems too upset -- I would like these two to figure it out and be together, two kind of tough dogs neither of whom is mean but both play hard... we'll see
7079: same two as above
7080: open the door and let all the dogs out: maddox apple ginger emma moses dewey whitman (already jumped over the gate)
7081 and 7082: same as above
7083: dewey wandered off -- dewey really seems fine -- I don't think he's suffering at all -- HE'S FINE!!!!!
7084: back inside roll call

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