Saturday, October 27, 2007

wheaton isn't wellington (with my kids), geese flying north (wait, wrong way!), rain, sun, many days

So this entry is late and covers many days... open both of these folders:

The actual dates of the videos may be ... somewhere around there. Lot of videos to cover so let's get to it:

OCTOBER 23 Folder

7191: adelaine and mila playing on the lawn... mila's been home for awhile so this is pretty old
7192: mila and adelaine go with Ollie and I to pick squash
7193: more squash field
7194: requisite no dog video with children
7214: everyone in the yard
7215: yard when sharly was still here

October 26 folder

7228: jim in the yard with a lot of a dogs -- almost all
7229: same
7230: more yard all dogs
7231: inside the house
7232: sandals
7233: sandals again
7234: sandals in the field
7235: winston hates me
7237: but he like aenne and butch is jealous
7238: sandals with my kids and my puppy (cute stuff)


7242: one wet wobegon wheaton
7243: this is funny: my little dog butch thinks he can keep the dogs from coming out or at least put them all in their place: apple ginger (stealing again), franklin, scout, elvis, adelaine
7244: same dogs as above in the pumpkin field
7245: same as above around the house
7246: same as above in the hay field
7248: sasha gilligan suki (this one has some nice sounds of geese and dogs)
7249: arrow theo bailey
7250: same as above catching squash
7251: same as above by the round bales
7252: annie -- slipped out and didn't get into the toot videos

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