Saturday, October 6, 2007

let's see if this gets done: smokey big and shy, intesting light

We had the harvest festival at Hawthorne Valley today and I'm beind. And the kids are not asleep when I can write in peace. We'll see how far I get with this... I may put up another tonight.

Here's the folder:

So Smokey is shy, huge and shy. Which is sweet. As you'll see he is afraid of horses. Cloud, the little poodle, on the other hand, is completely indifferent.

Smokey took some work, some quiet walks by himself.... now he's more comfortable.

There was some fog early in the morning and I had the barn lights on ... it makes for some eery nice light.


6871: cloud yesterday with some small dogs (afternoon)
6872: same as above
6873: here we go: ealy morning, cloud
6874: letting the dogs out very early to the yard -- most in here
6875: here is the big shy guy and some other dogs in the yard, lots in here
6876: inside Sasha stuck upstairs, afraid of stairs, lot of other dogs in here
6877: okay, she comes down. many dogs
6878: pumpkin patch fetcher pj shiloh hemoine remy
6879: spencer sasha maple stro on a walk
6880: shy smokey
6881: study in contrast
6882: smokey getting walked by a puppy -- FUNNY
6883: smokey scared of a horse
6884: cloud is not scared

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