Wednesday, October 10, 2007

darker in the morning, wet, whyatt hip to what I'm about to do, princess being bossy

here is the folder with the videos:

Some are from the 9th and the rest are from earlier today -- it's been awhile since I could get to the computer here.

6906: whyatt, ollie complaining he doesn't want to to work (he did work and he had a good time making the horse fence as I knew he would)

6907: whyatt knew I was about to put him back in the dog house and decided not to come... I thought Ollie might get him but that didn't work

6908: ollie's arm is stuck?

6909: here is the yard with everyone, princess bossing everyone around EVERYONE in here

6910: HORSES: I took the wire down and the horses didn't want to cross the line where the wire had been

6911: more horses, baby, field, puppy

6912: juan diego off on a spin

6913: it is still kind of dark although it is almost 7 am here: EVERYONE in pumpkin field

6914: everyone in hay field, princess being bossy again

6915: same as above whyatt wandered off

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