Sunday, October 14, 2007

fall birds, mendl destroys a squash, whyatt runs down the driveway, geese flying around, moki naughty....

so the videos for this entry are from three days: friday, saturday and sunday. The ones ending in MOV or WMV are min and the MPG ones Jim made when I was out... all of these videos are here:

some highlights and notes: terrific weather, I was in the city so Jim pitched in on Friday... turkey season is on and just to be on the safe side we'll stay out of the other side of the field and wait a little before going for a walk. I hope Shannon get the turkeys and not that dude who works for the dairy farm, the wood guy. Shannon, my neighbor, cuts trees, slaughters and butchers animals, hunts with a bow and arrow, breaks horses and she has a nice figure and wears nice outfits when she jumps out of her pick up with a chainsaw or rides off with her bow to scout for deer... She can do anything: fix a car, cut a tree, break a horse, kill a cow, find a deer, grow a tomato, has all abucket truck and log splitter. We're boarding her horse. I'm kind of impressed with her. Especiallythe way she wears work clothes so stylishly. .... Nothing here escaped my wife attention so far by the way...

It's like these kids over at Hawthorne valley. You see a big tractor rolling down the road and there is a teenage girl with overalls and a very cool knit cap on. What could be cooler than that? Rural can be a lot cooler than any media images I'm familiar with. I think there is a marketing plan in here. Rural dirty cool-- no country music, familiar with the world, but outside working, organic biodynamic, wool... dirt, tired, log splitter, pick up, laptop, hip hop. Something like that.

here are some of what we have:

6937: pushkin, juan diego whyatt (before he ran off to the neighbors), sawyer my puppy gustov in the pasture/hay field -- pushkin is a puppy and belongs to my wife's boss... The GEESE: I Got them flying right between the lines of the electric pole! then gustov took pushkin and whyatt for walks

6938: moving off from the geese to the same dogs as above

6939: everyone goes to get whyatt. the big black dog here is MORITZ who used to be our dog but my mother's dog died and he was always wandering off to hunt (including killing 15 chickens in 20 minutes -- ours, rare breed assortment). he thought he should bring whyatt back. unfortunately, whyatt kept going all the way down to the nieghbor's house... and we had to follow him. Got him back, little naughty rascal. Mortiz is back because my mother is at a wedding in RWANDA. Here is the couple at their betrothal ceremony: eric-ines.jpg -- nad here is with his best men: eric-guys.jpg (same folder as above). Eric is 6'3" and the shortest in the group.

6916: very early friday sawyer around barn door

6917: out in the yard before 7 am, everyone out

6918: opening another door -- maybe breaking them up for breakfast-- especially edith, man is she greedy

6919: more rooms, buddy some others

6920: very early still buddy misimisu

6921: dog food closet... these ladies protect and serve -- sawyer ready for breakfast

6922: moritz

6923: more mortiz

6940: desi, edith and mendel (3 chocolate labs) and moki princess moritz -- squash field

6941: same as above

6943: same

6944: there! here i got the 3 labs in one shot!

6947: NIKA -- nika growls at me on the street in brooklyn. she does it every time and has to wear a muzzle in the van. i had to be careful that she wouldn't bite Jim, who she didn't like at all. but look at this_- she love me here. she's a perfect angel. strange.... she runs, she comes, she's affectionate, she plays with other dogs...

6948: this is the yard today -- i had to trick buddy into coming back in -- another naughty one. oh, but I'm working on another perfect goose shot.

6949: yard again, all dogs

6950: spencer mismisu (husky) deciding which way to go as we leave the barn (north is the pumpkins, straight west in the horses and south is the pasture and green beans field

6951: spencer and mismisu listening to birds -- fall bird sounds and we have a lot of brids passing through right now. they don't sing as much as the spring but you can hear quite a few in this video

6952: mila -- what a nice dog

JIM's VIDEOS start MOV0000 with MPG at the end:

1: me greeting mortiz
2: driveway
3: cloud? but cloud is home? when is this from?
4, 5: fields
6: juan diego
7: pushkin sawyer mortiz
8: sawyer pushkin
9: jaun diego sawyer whyatt
10: same as above, our house
11: same as above
12: moki and some labs
13: same as above
14: same
15: princess same as above
16: otto
17: spencer
18: spencer
19: vanya
20: pj
21: labs
22: labs
23: buddy and mismu
24: same as above
25: same again
26: same again
27: same guys
28: same two

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