Wednesday, September 12, 2007

september: the best month

Perfect weather, now with the rain under our belt, busy doing stuff like splitting wood, not so many dogs right now, Ollie in school, school bus, the baby settled in....

remember to go to and look for today's folder...

okay here are today's videos and then some stories, if I can remember any:

6695: juan diego, my puppy wrestling with butch, me finding a stolen dog food can, lotta says WOW WOW for doggie, listen closely, mako sleeping not here...

6696: everyone wants to get out

6697: beastie running to see kids (i walk) -- talk about how beastie looks like pippi who died... ollie too rough with sister

6698: family, beastie catching, tricking

6699: more catching (my puppy gustov in here: he steals the camera)

6670: more family and beastie

6671: not fair: let's take everyone else for a walk

What stories? Not too much.. Petie is kind of settled in... hangs by himself... cody was a little freaked out and is fine now: still, he can't go off the leash yet I don't think. Mako is sleeping a lot. He's old but it's not like him.

My horse fractured or bruised a bone. I think he'll be okay.

The neighbor wants to board her horse here. I'm thinking of getting chickens next year. I rented the splitter for a week: a hard long week of splitting and stacking and that will cover about 75% of my heat for the winter, but it will cost me plenty in labor and machine rental. Still cheaper than sending my money to Saudi Arabia but still... a lot of work. Is it worth it? It's nice to have a fire.

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