Saturday, September 15, 2007

quick note

So the weather has been changing a lot. You'll see that in the video. Even though there aren't a lot of dogs, we've had some issues. Petie can be cranky (although he runs much faster than I thought in a video below), Bailey is a little rabble rouser, and Bettie doesn't like Beastie and vice versa. Otherwise, things are good. Charlie is a little shy sometimes...

6702: out for a toot: loona buddy lionel ozzy layla

6703: same group as above chasing a pumpkin, then I get excited because the farmer set a ground hog trap and loona was heading toward it. i talked to him about that and he just keeps doing it without telling me, damn it.

6704: same group in the hay

6705: cody and bailey thinking about jumping through the whole in the screen door on the porch

6707 cody beastie sagg beastie matilda out for a toot

6708: matilda

6709: charlie going for a walk, sagg cameo

6710: fletcher in the yard

6711: just about everyone all together

6712: juan and diego want to walk-- then everyone comes

6713: around the dog area, petie, buddy, many more....

6714: all of them, bailey, more

6715: everyone being nice out in the yard

6716: hay field: petie, cody, matilda, betty, lionel

6717: ollie giving juan and diego treats

6718: treats for layla

6719: more of ollie giving treats beastie matilda layla

6720: same as above, wardering around barn

6721: more of the same

6722: no dogs, ollie climbing up to his workshop high in the barn

that should do it for now

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