Wednesday, September 19, 2007

taxes due quarterly or some crap Monsanto super trees

Okay, let's get this blog done first. Then I'll pay taxes and insurance.

I get these forms fron the state that say READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SIGN or something like that and its a few pages of dense something or other, so I put it in the TO DO LATER pile... then I get a bill with a fine and interest for some tax I didn't pay and I don't even know what it is. I want to drop this crap in the lap of my accountant but he was moving... I'll make an appointment with him today, god damn it.

They should have a place with the amount due on the front page and let me just pay that without reading anything. Workman's comp, sales tax, incorporation tax, personal tax, business tax: what is it?

And property taxes: do you know how expensive they are? And I don't even like the damn public school, 7000 a year a send them and I went there once, walked in with no pass because I came through the wrong door and got yelled at, as if I was supposed to figure out which door they had security at when the building is such an architectural mistake that the front door is not even obvious and far from the parking lot and then I see some worksheets on the wall outside a classroom about pollination with picture (filled in, like a coloring book) of bees and flowers when the school is surround on three sides by a massive APPLE ORCHARD. Then there was the art class: picture of the American flag, very creative. And I heard some music down the hall, oh nice, so I head that way and it was the NATIONAL ANTHEM. So I went throught he library with big signs that say TEAMWORK!, COOPERATION!, ICHABOD CRANE TOGETHERNESS! If that worked, the Soviet Union would have buried us like Kruschev said when he took off his shoe at the UN in 1963.

I must have counted about 50 flags in 20 minutes.

Not that I'm against patriotism or anything, if it's patriotism like Ben Franklin's or John Adams, that is thoughtful, changes over time, is based on ideals and quite willing to change allegiances depending on circumstances... This is INDOCTRINATION over here in the country. Not that it's better in New York City, just more chaotic. The city is fat mess.

It's like American First boot camp over there. No way my kids can get that treatment. I guess in 20 minutes, I didn't get to see the desenters parade, the freethinkers ceremony... Damn it. State doesn't recognize a religion? What the hell: looks like a religion, songs and flags and indoctrination. Here's my $7000, enjoy.

Wait, I was off the topic. Now with the weather so perfect and it so clear that it won't be much longer before the outside turns hostile on us, I hate to be inside. But if I go outside, it'll be hard work: stacking wood, fixing the barn, something like that.

I got all my wood split. Most people who want to heat with wood have to bust their ass: cutting, hauling, splitting, stacking. Not me. I have these Monsanto Super Trees, genetically modified. All I have to do is whistle, a tree hauls itself out by the roots, runs up the wood shed and says, "Yes Sir! Orders please!" And I say, "Fall apart and jump in the shed!" Then I'm all set for the winter.

This entry goes with the videos here:

6736: maddox digging, everyone in this one, in the main yard yesterday afternoon (notice the mellow, late day tempo)
6737: more of the same, matilda in there: she was limping a tiny bit yesterday. today's she fine
6738: baily, buddy, lionel, some others
6740: misty morning this morning... this is a cat getting chased by some dumb dogs (tibet in here somewhere: oh the porch) mako stops by
6741: tibet running in circles around an ancient maple -- mako barking at a piece of wood
6742: out for toot: ella, shy dog, squash (we're wokring on her)
6743: mist, squash filed, whitman, beanie, maddox, matilda, beastie, cody
6744: same crew as before... not coming
6745: hay field, bailey lionel buddy somewhere here.

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