Monday, September 3, 2007

faerry house, manure rolling, sugar on mouse partol

So a lot of dogs are going home tomorrow and today... CHECK YOU RESERVATION AT GLENCADIA.COM!!!!!

I wanted to get video of everyone out for a romp. Enough yard shots yesterday, So I got most of them before I went in to download video... but everyone went.

Sugar was out for a romp and actually romped but I didn't get the camera ready and she took off running back to the barn to wait by the door to get back to work catching mice.

I had a little conversation with her about this and I thought I video-taped it...

Go to and then read below

Pictures too!!!!

Here we go:

6600: cedar, reilly, sadie, blanco, syndney, moses, cocoa, luna

6601: same group as above

6602: hey, the camera was left on!

6603. 6604, 6605: jo, rocky, hanu, grover, phoebe, annie

6606: casper, ruby, ozzie, boxer from harlem

6607-8: mako, genji, my son ollie make faerrie houses with traps and balconies while petting a puppy

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