Saturday, September 22, 2007

ollie getting crazy stuff out of the barn. gustov walking buddy, whitman running in the house, cabo chasing a squash

So this entry goes with the folders for sept 22 and sept 21 in the folder

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The themes here are watching my son Ollie find more and more crazy things in the barn as the videos go on... what a mess. And highlights include a puppy yanking a big pit/boxer kind of dog around (Buddy), Whitman running into the house through the hole in the screen, Cabo chasing a squash, Lucinda crazy... Tibet too rough.

So Ella doesn't eat enough. Jim was supposed to bring cans yesterday and didn't so my wife will pick some up... maybe she'll eat that. Mako needs more sleep so he's not in on this round of videos. Beanie's collar: I can't find it.

At one point Ollie mentions Tummy Rubber -- that is the brother of the cat in that video who died and is burried in that bush. Run over. He's whipping some dogs with a horse whip saying, "Not near Tummy Rubber!" He shouldn't really whip dogs... his own... and I'll take that whip away from him. I don't think there is really any danger of him really trying to hit them or of actually hitting them if he tried. Besides, they were running around on his cat's grave! I kind of thought he forgot Tummy Rubber, it was well over a year ago that he died. I guess not.

The videos in the 21 folder (07sept21) are of the yard yesterday before I put them all in the dog house for the night. I think most dogs are in most videos, so I won't label them all here. I'll label today's shots.


6753: ella
6754: here it the one with the grave
6755: maddox beanie (ollie training gustov)
6756: beanie ella maddox
6757: beanie (ollie tries to catch him) maddox (whacks me with a stick)
6758: bill (eat manure) ollie feeds cat archie -- two dogs with kids
6759: cabo matilda pumpkins
6760: lionel whitman zeppy
6761: lionel whitman (not here, in house) zeppy
6762: here's whitman not in house
6763: ollie has more stuff... heading to hammock
6764: matilda cabo (squash) lionel zeppy
6765: ollie caught a dog for me: cabo matilda zeppy (barks at ollie, not good) lionel
6766: lionel pees on stroller finally sits
6767: lucinda and tibet
6768: lucinda crazy
6769: buddy gets walked by puppy gustov --ollie uses ski pole as hammock brake
6770: tibet and ella (tibet flips gustov)


6748: lot of barking
6749: bailey barking, roll call
6750: inside the house
6751: lucinda, more
6752: inside out

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