Tuesday, September 25, 2007

different dog every day to meet the school bus to freak the bus driver out

go to glencadia.com/videos and look for today!

Okay, today we have a trip to the school bus, Ollie catching a frog, Jim working on replacing a door in the dog house.

I've decided to just work slowly on Winston. Keep him around me all the time and wait for him to come to me. No need to hurry. He'll either come around or he won't, since he likes kids and women, he'll be fine.

Two different video cameras. Jim likes to use his own. Good thing he came to take everyone out, I ended up pretty beat from driving this morning. Baby woke me up at 6.

We'll need that new door for winter. It's in now. I want to be able to secure half the space and only heat one room downstairs and 3 upstairs. Except for xmas, that will be plenty for the winter. That's what the construction is about.


MOV00011: ruby. cabo (running in field)
MOV00012: cabo ruby
MOV00013: again, same two
MOV00014: bill radar and mako by house
MOV00015: bill and radar driveway and field
MOV00016: buddy... off down driveway
MOV00017: tiny and dosky

6788: bill mako radar and winston by porch (aenne has to take Winston because he still hates me. tonight I gave him some wild alaskan salmon from the grill. he still doesn't like me!)

6789: winston, puppy mako baby

6790: buddy ... talking about construction

6791: off to school bus... winston

6792: walking off to the school bus in the village

6793: at the neighbors where the school bus comes... ollie's home! lotta watches... winston... shoes wrong way around again

6794: ollie caught a frog and put him in a dog bowl

6795: frog in a big bucket

6796: jim working on a new door in the dog house... all the dogs hang out

6797: more door repair, lot of dogs

6798: radar, tiny and dosky near by

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