Friday, August 31, 2007

about the august 31 videos

Look in today's folder on the site

6545: requisite non-dog video number one

6546: MISSING! I made it too long and it won't download off the camera... it was a good one though with most of the dogs in it. Canon says there is no fix for this

6547: grover digs a hole, cameos by red cedar cali hanu others

6549: molokai.... north side

6451: ziza and daisy checking out, casper, everyone else just about in the yard

6552: mako moses cloud genji driveway puppy gustov

6553: requisite non-dog video #2

6554: mako says hello to ollie (boy ollie)

6555: more mako and ollie (son) genji

6556: out and about kola phoebe ruby jo others

6557: cocoa and ollie (good catch) kola sadie

6558: red ziza others

6559: rocky cali cedar red others in squash

6560: addie red lola others

6561: addie red theo luna ollie the dog

6562: 2 jack russell addie

6563: ozzy and companion and red hook wiemeriener

6564: theo ozzie casper

6565: same as above-- okay, ozzie is totally reliable now

6566: Jim feed phoebe same crew as above, casper bites a fingers

6567: tupper theo genji

6568: same as above

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