Friday, September 28, 2007

Ruby messing up the buckets (typical retriever)... little dogs mad at me

So a new group today. Open this link in another window:

There are some videos from yesterday that included the dogs that went home yesterday.

Here is some of what's going on: I have two little dogs that are not too friendly to me.

Napoleon is acting afraid of me but he was lovely-dovey in the van, so I'm not too worried about it. I just have to put the other dogs in another area and sit there and he'll come. He already half comes now. He actually liked my last night but fogot this morning.

Winston is another story. At least I can be near him without him getting mad. He only likes my wife and son. She went to work and he went to school, so poor winston is stuck with me. I though Wellington and Winston might be a good couple so I put them together.

Everyone else: no issues. Ruby is the one messing up all the water buckets, as in the video below, and that is really annoying: put all clean water out and she messes them all up right away. Coco and Barkley are from the same house but they aren't so good eating together after all... Coco is a little bossy which is not what I would have guessed. Barkley HATES horses: I have to reming Jim!

Some geese in one video. They are flying north in the video. They're not ready to go south yet, still grouping up. And when they leave, they fly high up and at night... Not so many this year around the house.

Here's what we got today from my camera (the ones that start with MVI):
6838: Wellington and Winston after breakfast
6839: Wellington waiting to go in the house, Mako howling from the barn, Buddy showing up
6840: Coco Barkley inside the house about to go out with Jim
6841: Everyone out in the yard, Napoleon barking at me, Theo doing a little howl.
6842: all of them standing around me, liltte outside tour
6843: inside, still working on napoleon
6844: he's coming in! all the others...
6845: everyone including ruby and her bucket
6846: short
6847: going over the names with Jim then ruby does it again!
6848: wellington wants to go in the house
6849: geese, sky, winston

MOV movies by Jim:
00018: coco and barkley
00017: wellington
00016: coco and barkley
00015: buddy
00014: buddy
00013: buddy
00012: dosky and tiny
00011: buddy and maybe radar
00010: cabo and buddy
00009: cabo and buddy
00008: buddy
00007: radar
00006: maybe radar
00005: radar

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