Saturday, August 9, 2008

geese already?

Story lines which may or may not be reflected in video (and more are coming):

Mickey loves Duece, which is quite cute and funny and I know I shot some video of it but don't think it made it online... will try again.

Mickey seems completely recovered but I want to make him chill another day.

Charlie howls. Not his fault, he's a beagle. As I write, he is completely quiet and has been for hours. Funny guy. But he woofs it up in the video. And I should shoot video later in the afternoon when the dogs are mellower...

I wanted to do a Laurel and Hardy with Gus and Willow but I don't think I quite got it. Ollie kicked Gus to make him sit -- and I turned off the video and gave him whats-for. I want him to be tough and confident with dogs, but he's not suppose to kick them... not much of a kick, but still. And poor old Gus is the last one to kick!

Meanwhile Willow knocked Lotta over and she swore at him as only a not yet 2-year old can: "bad, bad doggie!"

Geese already, damn it.

Tomatoes on the way... already here but the period of tomato excess has not arrived. Corn excess now.

Lela and Tizoc remain together... it's working, why mess with success?

Much more to come, either today or tomorrow. The camera is full of stuff. Visitors from Brooklyn here.

Video here?

glencadia dog camp august 9 2008 from glencadia on Vimeo.

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who has Kodiak been hanging out with?