Saturday, August 2, 2008

manhattan wins 3-2, murphy brown does not like horses, tomatoes coming in, a lot of chocolate labs

The still are here, more or less in the same order as in the video, although the video is not in any particular order. We went to hula dancing at Jacob's Pillow last night and a few hula dancers may slip in here somewhere.

Highlights of the video, as in the title of this entry: Murphy Brown hates horses, and in fetch competition, Manhattan beats Brooklyn... some labs swimming, some small dogs rolling in the tomatoes and a cricket.

Oh, where is the video I made at the end of Tizoc not being able to get down the stairs? And a couple more are MIA... tk.

Did this work?

glencadia dog camp - kewego
glencadia dog camp - kewego

This didn't seem to work:

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Try again on YouTube? Nope.

This one is very low res... but I think it worked.

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