Sunday, August 17, 2008

holding court

I hold court in the video today. You can also see the medicine board that Jim does. He's great about that.

Cassius is fine. Spencer got cranky when he didn't get his breakfast fast enough and started fighting. Mendl stop listening to me. Willow won't stay off her wound. Lela and Lily yell at each other through a fence. Beegee is jealous but fine. Peter limped, but is fine now. Except for that cough... keep me posted on that. Darla, fine. Harley is hot to trot.

I'm working on an attendance sheet which I can use in the videos to make sure I get everyone every day... but not yet.


Skye said...

The videos are terrific. Pony looks great and your daughter is completely adorable. How's Pony's stomach doing?

Dahlia said...

Love to check for the videos! Hope Mendl's started listening better.