Friday, August 8, 2008

canoeing and other camp like activities

Here are the stills. Click on an image to see it bigger.

They come from the videos. Here are some points: Chicken has something on her leg that we don't know what it is... Tizoc and Lela seem to get along fine so I might just leave the two of them together. There is a big small dog group, so they have the big yard for now. Gus was nervous the whole trip up and still doesn't seem too sure of this whole thing. It's great how Noah and Lily act like they live together even though they are just neighbors. Loyal to each other. We had a little trouble getting Jake out of the water. Noah got to go on extra trips today, don't know why. Cassie and Jackson have what I consider an excellent space-- quiet and they seem to like it. Willow -- fine with big or small dogs. Who else needs a report?

Video still uploading. Or is it ready?

glencadia dog camp august 8, 2008 from glencadia on Vimeo.


Frank & Sonya said...

Give Gus a hug for us! He shouldn't be too nervous, he did grow up in country!

Yamila said...

Looks great there . . . yeah, Willow is good with either group as long as someone likes a good game of chase. Her best puppy friend is a Pit mix and they play rough so she can roll with the big dogs. Her other best puppy friend is a mini-pincher/chihuahua mix. Talk about extremes.

She's not so great with the sit voice command so we use a hand signal too - fist moving backwards over her head.

If you have a dog with good herding instincts, that usually keeps her close if you want to let her go off leash. She gets really attached to people, once she recognizes your voice she come even when very far away, of course if you look like a squirrel she'll come to you even faster.

bklyn76 said...

Cooper is actually CASSIUS(pronounced "cash-us")...He'll probably respond better to that! ;)