Sunday, August 3, 2008

beautiful sunday

And, for the record, this is the 201st blog entry on this blog. Almost a year since I did the videos this way, although I have been posting videos for a couple of years. Always trying new stuff, like a new setting on the camera today. But mostly dogs running around again and again...

....the smallies do get a turn on the big yard but later in the day -- make any more video of that, then compress it, then upload it? Maybe I will. If Ollie will help me, we can take all the little ones out. Duke only comes to Ollie and I'm not too sure about Joey. He seems to come well now but sometimes he runs straight away from me. He didn't like that thunder yesterday.

The video is uploading. Looks very high res on my screen here. Vimeo looks the best of the video hosting services I've tried but they mis-fire a lot, at least for me.

Murphy Brown didn't bother any horses today but he did shoot off into the tomatoes, which smell great. Soon it will be tomato over flow time, when we have tomato salad and fresh tomatoes in the sauce and soup and for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This week it's starting and when they come, the whole kitchen should be full of them. But not if I stand here writing this blog. Where's a bag? a box? an old bucket? See ya.

Here is an old video:


Dana B said...

Thanks Will, I feel better now!

Miriam said...

Emma (the Chicken) loves to roll in the grass!!! and it's great to watch her doing it. More video please!
Thanks Will.