Monday, August 10, 2009

what a relief

The blog is going on strike. There are 40 dogs here but only about 15 people bothered to stop by and look at the video. I have plenty of other work to do, although I honestly like the blog better, but I do have to go out and wash dogs, rig up my van, pull weeds, go to the feed shop, oil change, plenty to do other than the blog. Well, it was fun but I do have plenty else to do.


Ms. Bates said...

AW! Sorry! We love having the blog and getting the chance to see our psychotic dog (Mingus) :) We just hadn't had the chance to check it. Please continue your blog!!! :)

Glencadia said...

Okay, the blog is coming back!

Ms. Bates said...

Great! We can't wait, Thanks!