Saturday, August 22, 2009

uninspired video

This video is at best utilitarian. I was on my own this morning and it was raining. I didn't even turn on the lights, so the video is kind of dark. Unedited, uninspired, not up to snuff, lesser video.

Still, at least you can see your dog.

Bella: not here yet
Moose: Gracie, the mini-pinscher was picking on him and he didn't react at all.
Wellington: very well balanced this time so far
Muri: perfect
Chloe: sneaking into all rooms
Lulu Omar: sleeping a lot
Buzz: buzy
Red: likes the big dogs
Lola: lovely, greedy dog who bit me as a kiss
Maggie Lou: a little pesky this time
Pepper: perfect angel
Tizoc: mellow
Sailor: a lot of energy
Rusty: nonstop
Shyloh: doesn't eat much, fine with big and small dogs, must be hot
Tilo: gotta keep an eye on this guy
Happy: he really is happy -- he wasn't the first two days
Samantha: not a normal Huskie: she comes when she's called and eats her breakfast
Romeo: wanted to be with the small dogs, so fine for now
Bobby: mr. cool, should go for another pony ride
Sundance: fine
Lucky: not naughty
Mingus: really good with a small number of dogs
Reilly: mellow
Shadow: excellent
McGee: funny dog
Kodiak: went swimming yesterday, rolled in mud and still isn't white again
Sinbad: seems fine
Lucy (black): was scared and needed some extra attention... she seems to like camp now
Sugar: working hard
Maizy: excellent
Pixel: not fat
Duewey: new
Kenya: old
Rupert: sometimes stand-offish, sometimes very friendly
Layla: treat stealing specialist
Mendl: good
Lucy(terrier): great
Moki: bucket wrecker, no listening

uninspired video from glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

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